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Page with some English material.

1. First of all the splendid introduction and translations made by the renowned English translator Eric Dickens.

  Introduction into Mare Kandre's works (appeared in Swedish Book Review, 2008:2)

  "Bübin's Offspring" - excerpt (appeared in Nordic Voices Blogspot, 2009:6)

  An extract from Mare Kandre's 1991 "Swedish Gothic" novel Aliide, Aliide, translated by Eric Dickens (appeared in Swedish Book Review, 2008:2).
[Aliide, Aliide, Albert Bonniers förlag, 2005 edn., 270pp. ISBN 9789100109622]

  God and the Devil, Mare Kandre's highly praised novel of 1993. Read the first two pages.

2. Swedish Women's Writing 1850-1995, by Helena Forsås-Scott
Athlone Press, 1997), includes an English-language study of Mare Kandre's work.
360 pages
9780485910032 (hb)
9780485920031 (pb)

Read excerpt

3. Interview by Dr. Petra Broomans, about year 2000. Go>>










June 29, 2009
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